A Simple Trick to Turn Skincare Into a Routine

“The most common human instinct is not survival, it is to do what is familiar.” Most guys spend their twenties and thirties avoiding daily skincare habits simply because it is not familiar. Our brains only get used to things after repeating them for a few weeks on end, building new neural pathways. The easiest way to stick to this habit, is to partner it with habits you already do.

Use these existing habits to maintain a skincare routine every day with ease.

Teeth Brushing Habit

Teeth Brush Habit
You brush your teeth every morning, except this morning, you wash your face first! A simple tool to integrate skincare into your habit is to partner it with a routine you already do daily.
Time: 45 Seconds

Shower Habit

Shower Habit
Shower the dirt away every night. If you take showers at night, wash your face in the shower. Again, showering is a habit, so washing your face while showering is a simple tool your brain can adapt to quite easily.
Time: 45 Seconds

Dry Your Face Habit
Dry your face and moisturize. Whether you’re splashing your face off in the morning, or stepping out of the shower at night, you have to dry your face. Dry, then moisturize. A simple add-on to a common habit is easy to remember.
Time: 30 Seconds

If you don’t know how to complete your routine, Maxwell's skin kit has three antioxidant heavy products with a habit forming step-by-step process that’s simple to use.

Building a skincare routine will prevent unwanted skin damage as you age, so get your habit going now!